Friday, 7 August 2015

Day 2

Frenchy gave me a lift to the airport where I was going to get my bike out of customs.
I must admit, with pressures of getting the bike ready, my work and a very sick uncle, this was the first time in several months that I was feeling excited about my trip.

I found the customs office, completed all the paper work giving me clearance to have the bike released and headed over to the FedEx building in the distance. It was a fair old walk but I had a real spring in my step with the excitement of getting my bike just moments away.
The walk was long and with all my motorcycle gear on, walking in heavy motorcycle boots the spring in my step soon faded and the warm sun was not what I wanted right then.

It was not long once I got to the FedEx building that Lisa bought out my bike in its crate to the parking lot where I proceeded to remove the top of the crate to reveal my shrink wrapped bike below.
After a few issues were overcome, I had my bike off the crate and I was riding out of the parking lot with a beaming smile on my face.

And here it is, my bike in Alaska...


  1. I hope you cleared you rubbish up. So nothing broken?

  2. and the journey begins..................................... good luck Mate.

  3. Bon Voyage Graham. Happy excitement every day I hope. All the best Jan

  4. Graham. Good luck with your journey. Enjoy every minute. Ride safely. Best Wishes