Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 18

The MacKenzie hotel was OK, but I was not impressed with Inuvik town and glad I decided to spend only one night there.
Todays ride took me back to Eagle Plains where I would spend another night in their basic hotel accommodation.
The ride today was good and it was dry all day which was a bonus, this meant lots of dust, but heh, that's better than the wet stuff.

The MacKenzie Hotel sign was one of those optical illusions which when viewed close up you could see two faces side on together and when viewed from a distance just one complete face.
Yep, that is how interesting I found Inuvik, the signs were more interesting than the place itself.
Waiting for the first ferry of the day to take me across the Mackenzie river.
I bet you was wondering where the picture with my bike was, well here it is, posing in front of a lake!

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