Saturday, 15 August 2015

Day 11

An early start at Coldfoot Camp as I needed to get back to Fairbanks to get the bike washed and pick up a few things before getting back to Leo's house.
It was -4 when I loaded the bike up, so I put everything on that would keep me warm! But at least this meant clear skies, so was good for the photos!

And I was thinking my R80ST was big and heavy,,,

Back at the Arctic Circle

Crossing the Yukon river

Back to the start of the Dalton Highway

I think it needs a clean ?


  1. Hi Graham

    So glad you've had some company to share parts of the ride with. When the weathers not to your liking you could always hitch a lift in the back of one of these ice road truckers trucks. The weather over here isn't great so you're not missing much. Knocking tent pegs into solid ground is no fun is it. Take Care Alx

  2. Hi Graham,

    I know you are now at Eagle Plains. Probably at the Hilton there. I was amazed to read on Trip advisor that some guy who stopped at the hotel landed his plane on the Dempster Highway outside, taxied to the hotel, and parked out front alongside the pick ups!. Truly Amazing!. See the link to this picture, it seems like you have been there before! BR Don

  3. It doesn't look cold in your pictures. We are just back from a hot week in Southwold with the grandchildren who looked like your bike at the end of the day but covered in sand. You are taking some good photos. Jan

  4. Looks can be deceiving, most morning are only just above freezing and with the wind chill high up in the mountains, I am very glad of my heated gloves!