Friday, 14 August 2015

Day 10

The Aurora Hotel that I stayed in at Deadhorse was fantastic, far better than Coldfoot Camp and much more reasonably priced too. After a good breakfast I packed up my things ready to face the challenge of the Dalton Highway once more. After yesterdays tough ride I was a bit apprehensive, especially as it seemed to have rained all night and was still raining in the morning.

The gravel road was very slushy making the ride even more difficult than the day before, I spent a lot of the time standing on the pegs which seemed a better way of riding on the rough and slushy roads, but none of the other motorcyclists I saw were doing this. Each to their own I guess.

Unfortunately, the bike had several issues on the way back and at one point I thought, hell what am I going to do now!

Eventually the weather brightened up enough to encourage me to stop and take some photos.