Thursday, 12 November 2015

Day 100 - The Final Day

Back on the bike for the final few miles to Miami where I will drop it off for shipping back to the UK.
However, before Karen and I fly home we will spend a few days of holiday time relaxing in Florida.
Not wanting to disappoint you after two days without, here are a couple of photos with my bike and the road.
At the shipping agent in Miami on day 100 of my trip after covering almost 16,000 miles from Alaska to Florida, the long way!
Now I must start writing up the real story of what happened so keep an eye on for when the book will be released.
Thanks for following my journey.


  1. Graham, Congratulations on making it to the end and sharing some of it with us. Karen thanks for the cocktail photo. Was dolphin chewy? The parade looked busy but colourful. Enjoy your last few days relaxing and safe journey home.

    1. I had a supersize for you ! it was a mystery mojito and went down extremely well :) No dolphin not chewy, very tasty. X

  2. Great journey. We will buy the book. Hurry up and write it. Latest news from us. Frank's ancient computer finally died. Grandson ordered a new one. Frank tearing out what hair he has left to get it all working. :(

  3. BIG BEARD!!!
    Congratulations on your achievement - and for your Route 66 blog that continues to generate interest!