Sunday, 18 October 2015

Day 75

First stop today was only a few miles away at Mesa Verde National Park where I went to see some cliff dwellings.
Some great scenery on the road coming down from the cliff dwellings.
Next was a cold and wet ride to Silverton, Colorado, which has some old western style buildings.
And also the 'Worlds Highest Harley Store' sitting at 9318 feet!


  1. Hi Graham - fantastic journey, thanks for sharing it via your blog. Great to be on your own Beemer in the 'Land of the Free'; I remember from my own 'walkabout' in Asia, that you can't be lonely unless you want to be - keep living the dream...and don't forget all that IPSGA b*ll*cks I instillled into you! (Now revised especially for you to: Information, Position, Speed, Gear...Alaska!!!!)
    David D

  2. Cheers David, It all looks rosie but the real story will be revealed later. Still an amazing experience though and I am enjoying it.