Saturday, 3 October 2015

Day 60

I am a big fan of the US TV crime drama series 'Sons of Anarchy'. As I knew this was filmed in various locations around LA, with the help of information from the internet, I planned a day visiting some of those filming locations and to ride some of the roads just to see the places that I have seen so much on screen in real life for myself.

Let me say that the traffic around LA on a Saturday and the shear size of the LA area, made this harder work than I imagined!

Here are a few of those locations...

Ex-Cop Charles bakery
1726 Colorado Blvd

2215 Harvard Blvd

Clubhouse / Teller-Morrow Garage
7333 Radford Avenue

New Clubhouse
906 San Fernando Rd

Jax’ Final Ride
 Golden State Hwy

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