Saturday, 12 September 2015

Day 39

Still in Vernon, catching up on things.
Went out for a great ride with Dave.

Dave's BMW R75/6


  1. Hi G - had every intention this fine Sunday morning of going for a long walk. It started well and then I spied lots of Blackberries so decided to cut the exercise, & 3 curry takeaways boxes later returned home with my free produce. Next the dreaded food shop..err. Went to Biggleswade for a change & so glad I did as was rewarded with a gang of fireman who had decided to pull their appliance (oww Mrs....) down the High St for charity. Gardened next - well cleared the path so the post-woman wouldn't trip over me excess foliage. Pizza and home made blackberry and apple crumble troffed, I'm now sitting down to X-Factor and Downton! Despite this excitement, I'd still rather be where you are. Be happy, Alison x

    1. Hi Alison
      I think you need to go for a long walk now after eating that lot!
      I'm heading south now for the sun as I heard a rumour that is where I will find it.

  2. Hello Graham,
    Your covering some ground now. And the weather seems much more friendly.
    You look like your working on the bike a fair bit. But I guess I'll learn more when I read your book.. Enjoy.

    1. Yes Dave, doing more work on the bike than hoped I would need to but I guess that is all part of the adventure.