Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Day 35

A slight detour today from planned route. I went to check out 'Hells Gate' in the southern Fraser Canyon. Great scenic ride there, the attraction itself would have looked much better in spring when you have more water going through but it was interesting.
Met another biker, Ed, from Florida who was riding a Goldwing.

Hells Gate

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  1. Graham I can't believe a month's gone already. Love your photo at summit of Salmon Glacier but hey....No salmon at Salmon Glacier, No bears @ Bear Glacier & No fish in fish creek what are you playing at. I had thought perhaps they were all camping in your tent which appeared equally elusive but then I saw it! Hope you're still enjoying yourself. We're just back from a week in Santorini. 40 degrees! so cocktails were the order of the day oh and night come to think of it. All the best Al x